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Restaurant: Vesna

Address: 19/1 Novy Arbat
Metro: Smolenskaya
Phone: 783 6996

Average cost: $50-100
Cuisine: Fusion, Italian, Japanese
Services: English-language menu

Chic modern interior with an Italian-Japanese menu. Noon-midnight. Light delicious breakfast since 9-00 till 12-00 on working days, 20% discount for the main menue since 12-00 till 16-00. Moreover, every night - life D] sets.

The leitmotif is still the same - "So that we may have spring!" And how else can ft be? Perpetual movement behind the huge windows, as if the world just woke up and...took off! It can only be like this in the spring. Add original touch of designer Igor Chapurin and feisty gastronomic creations of chef Bruno Marino and it’ll turn out that it can be like this not only in the spring but in the Spring. How cool is that?

At the small cozy tables in the cafe on the first floor respectable married couples have breakfast and young ladies lunch with equal pleasure.

Having comfortably positioned yourself on the sofa you can calmly take in the atmosphere. Look up and you’ll see a purple curved chandelier; look down - and it’s striped-wood floors. The second floor offers a more chamber ambiance. Well, it can’t be too much spring.

The restaurant’s interior reflects Chapurin’s style.

In style are elegancy, femininity, a match of classic and avantgarde. Noble white with black brown, together with the draped portieres make for an austere entourage. The final impression is perfect. It’s the right kind of elegance That’s far from being boring.

As someone famous said All women are beauties in the spring.

Nothing to add besides that Chapurin is a clothes designer and he knows the secrets of beauty.

And Bruno Marino is a Sicilian and he knows how to complement beauty with bright spring colours. Ask anyone and they will agree that Bruno cooks with pleasure, even with rapture. Black cod filet with Marsala sauce or ossobuco Milanese? There you are! Maybe you have long forgotten what beefstroganoff was? It’s high time to remember. Asia is rich with the freshest fish and unusual kinds of noodles. And the European part of the menu offers to taste tartars and carpaccios, multicoloured salads and scallops with herbs or asparagus, aubergines Parma style, pastas and risottos, cooked lovingly and tenderly as it is the custom of an Italian family.

Food is like a child - it doesn’t stand insincerity. Bruno is sincere as a true southerner. He’s got countless sweets. Chocolates, tarts, cakes and biscuits. Little Sicilian canolli that are rare to come across in Moscow. In desserts, among semifredo, panna cotta and tiramisu there are strawberry vareniki. This buys you once and forever. And more to come spring is in the air!


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