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Restaurant: Gandhara

Address: 15 Rochdelskaya, bldg.7
Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda
Phone: 255 9959


Mango season arrived with fresh mangos directly from Pakistan. Mango shake for 420 roubles, mango with fresh cream for 270 roubles, mango with vanilla ice cream for 320 roubles. Noon-midnight.

Especially for expats

At the end of August, the Gandhara Pakistani restaurant across from the World Trade Center launched Friday night Expat parties. Offering a welcome drink, free snacks and extended Happy Hours with entertainment provided by a DJ and a belly dancer they promise to make Friday’s a real occasion. They promise to stay open as late as the last guest. The restaurant, which takes its name from the area of Gandhara which stretches across the valleys of North-west Pakistan and Eastern Afghanistan. Prior to the emergence of the Silk Road, Gandhara was the major convergence of trade routes and cultural exchange between India, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Ganhara has also introduced Ladies Night on Wednesdays, with welcome drinks, free snacks and an extended Happy Hour. The DJ plays from Wednesday through Saturday.


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