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Restaurant: Expedition

Address: 6 Pevchesky per.
Metro: Kitay-Gorod
Phone: 775 6075

Average cost: $50-100
Cuisine: Russian
Services: English-language menu, Business lunch

Cusine from the Russian north. Specialties include nelma and muksun cuts delivered directly from Salekhard, venison, partridge, duck, and Siberian berry pie. Fun and lively atmosphere. Noon latest guest.

Cuisine for camping with taiga helicopter flights. The restaurant specializes in Russian Northern cuisine with real forest treasures. As part of the decor - real helicopter in the middle of the room and possibility to drink with a polar bear (fake statue decoration). Recipes are borrowed from Far North locals. Frozen chopped meat and smoked venison should go well with vodka or aquavits brewed from wild berries. After a rich and heavy meal you might want to experience a real taiga bath with birch, oak and eucalyptus brooms. After a steamy sauna shock you could dive and relax in the ice pool. Camping and extreme lovers will be pleased with guitar songs and movies about taiga camping trips.

Bill: $$$

Service: ****


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