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Restaurant: Oblomov

Address: 51-yi Monetchikovskyi pereulok
Metro: Dobryninskaya
Phone: 953 6828


Authentic Russian cuisine in a 19th-century mansion. Restaurant noon-5am, cafe 6pm-5am.

XIX century Imperial Russia. The first floor - Cafe Pijon is for spoiled “golden children” generation and for people who live relaxing easy life. You have to act according to old times rules in this restaurant: to sip wine by fireplace in a winter and enjoy lazy afternoon drinking tea on a summer terrace. The second floor is convenient for serious business meetings where you have to order black caviar with pancakes. XIX century interior is featured in blue colors, white grand piano and oval ancient mirrors. Oriental Room on the third floor is excellent location for taking a nap on a sofa and smoking kalian.

Bill: $$$$

Service: ****


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