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Restaurant: T.G.I. Friday’s

Address: 33 Zemlyanoi Val, in Atrium mall
Metro: Kurskaya
Phone: 970 1187


American favorites in a cozy wood-panelled setting. Noon-midnight.

Good American Food in Moscow
Katya Petrukhina

As promised in the May issue, this month we are back with ‘Rosinter’ chains – the two in this issue are also worth mentioning for their affordable prices and nice ambiance. I am not quoting any addresses here, because the good thing about these chains is that they are everywhere. You can’t be far from a whole bunch of ‘Rosinter’ restaurants; no matter where you are, they are in easily accessible spots, and if you still want some addresses or phone numbers, check out the corporate website:

‘TGI Friday’s’ (check average $18) is one of the 2 ‘Rosinter’ American concepts. It was opened in 1995, and is very popular with the young crowd. The design and ambiance are as American as apple pie (which they also have on the menu, of course), and there is always some American music playing. The whole place really makes you feel like you are in high school or a freshman in college, and the service staff look it, all young and giving you the impression they are here to play, not to work (talk about work being fun). The menu offers a lot of finger food like nachos, potato skins and chicken wings for between 150 and 250 rub, and if you feel like a hearty finger food platter, go for Friday’s Three For All (495 Rub) – a combination of potato skins, fried mozzarella cheese, Buffalo wings and the sauces to go with that stuff. For a more grown-up experience, I would recommend Jack Daniel’s Steak (755 Rub) – a 12oz Striploin steak served with a Jack Daniel’s sauce, cheddar cheesed mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. I really liked the sauce, the beef was Argentinean – definitely not the best in the world, but it wasn’t tough, thanks to Jack Daniels in and all over it. TGIF is also famous for its burgers and American-recipe alcoholic cocktails, so if you didn’t get enough bourbon in your Jack Daniels steak sauce, find some in a highball glass!


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