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Restaurant: Gallery

Address: 27 Petrovka
Metro: Pushkinskaya
Phone: 937 4544, 937 4504

Average cost:

This is a gallery of images and the meaning could be understood “directly” and “figuratively”.

It has been the center of Moscow night life already for three years. Soft beige and brown colors, modern design, casual yet elegant touch in the decor. There is a regular changing of “image” pictures on the walls. The public pays little attention to the interior as the eyes constantly wander from one person to another. A known Russian oligarch modestly sits on the sofa whereas girls in their best tiny dresses try to attract his attention. And beautiful women with obvious silicone lips and breasts easily get plenty of attention from other men. It is a real show off spot # 1. Foreign businessmen eat with open mouths suffering from the pain in their necks because of constant moving around. The food is interesting and sometimes even tasty, “Chilean sea bass in the envelope” is intrigue dish which reminds me of marinated Cod in soy sauce. But still people come here not to eat but to look. So show off your best image!

Bill: $$$$$

Service: ****


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