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Restaurant: Grin Grill Room

Address: 23, Leningradskiy prospekt
Metro: Belorusskaya
Phone: 250 0660

Average cost:
Cuisine: Russian

Russian gastronomic masterpiece.

Anatoly Komm is an established restaurateur and innovative chef who always keep creating and amazing fans and public with new restaurant miracles. Green’s interior is moderately simple but it is an embodiment of rigorous luxury and strict modern: there are no extra unnecessary decorations, folding-screens and ancient mirrors, lots of deep green colors and rigid wooden furniture everything is emphasizing the formal atmosphere. Genuine miracles start appearing with the first course: it could be a soup prepared with molecular method or chef’s signature salad. All entree courses are grilled because charcoal grill is the key player in this restaurant. Softest meat, freshest fish and even shellfish are thoroughly fried and served with original sauces which are distinguished innovations of Mr. Komm. Turbot melts in the mouth and fancy piece of steak leaves many pleasant memories. The restaurant deserves recognition, compliments and minimum two stars from Michelin. Expensive cuisine requires expensive wine list. There is no wine offered in Green for less than $300 since there are only the best wines of the world represented in the wine list.

Bill: $$$$$

Service: *****


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