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Restaurant: Pushkin

Address: 26a Tverskoy bulvar
Metro: Pushkinskaya
Phone: 739 0033

Average cost:
Cuisine: Russian

Magnificent, graceful and excellently stylized as it is a real ancient mansion.

To describe Pushkin you have to imagine a long line of luxurious German cars at the entrance and fancy parade of known politicians and respectful businessmen in Brioni suits and their dates covered in diamonds. It would be a classic picture in front of fake XIX century mansion. Bourgeois formal atmosphere goes well with harp sounds. Nicely and properly decorated “Apteka hall” (Drugstore) and antique “Biblioteka” (Library) with telescopes and globes creates the aura of Pushkin times. The restaurant provides separate VIP room, “Pogrebok” (Cellar) and “Entresol” with a balcony on the third floor. First-class exquisite Russian cuisine is slightly influenced by French: tiny rissoles are elegant in size and quickly melt in the mouth. Even such a traditional dish as pelmeny (dumplings) was turned into innovative traditional dish for ˆ12. Among those who love Russian cuisine are numerous foreign delegations and businessmen who appreciate local dumplings. People consider Pushkin to be one of the few restaurants which balances invariability, excellent quality and first class service.

Bill: $$$$

Service: *****


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