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Restaurant: Da Giacomo

Address: 25/20 Spiridonovka ul.
Metro: Mayakovskaya
Phone: 746 6964

Average cost:
Cuisine: American, Italian

A clone of Milan and New York restaurants.

Da Giacomo is considered Number One in Milan. It is not that easy to get in there because cuisine reputation speaks for itself. Italian Riviera is well expressed in Moscow twin version though missing an attention and appraisal of its foreign brothers. The Mediterranean style is diligently affectionate: big show windows, large mirrors with elegant frames, wrought chandeliers, designer’s furniture and Rampini Rada plates, candles, pictures of knives and forks. Home comfort is gracefully combined with aristocratic manners. Tuna tartar is excellent, hot minestrone nicely burns the tongue. It is high-graded cuisine but yet missing its unique zest, kind of a gourmet secret or magic. As far as I know the same chef worked on the menu in Milan and Moscow restaurants but something is definitely missing in Moscow Da Giacomo cuisine. It’s not appropriate to ask for such high prices just for good food, even if you have a twin brother which is the best somewhere else.

Bill: $$$$$

Service: ****


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