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Restaurant: Bouillabaisse

Address: 37 Leninskyi bulvar
Metro: Leninsky Prospekt
Phone: 37 Leninskyi bulvar

Average cost:

Marseilles in its Moscow presentation! Bouillabaisse is a traditional Marseilles dish served in two stages.

1) Various seafood ingredients are cooked for a long time in a special broth with appropriate spices; later the broth is served as a starter. 2) Seafood is offered separately as an entree with bread and mayonnaise. This complicated dish is a result of special old recipes and many years of experience. It is unbelievably delicious, healthy and sophisticated. When you are in Marseilles you need nothing but bouillabaisse. Part of Marseilles has been transformed into à Moscow reputable restaurant with expensive decor and impressive cuisine. In the design moldings delicately enfold the restaurant’s walls, striped zebrana wood ideally matches black onyx and noble oak. Golden extravagant chandeliers, white curtains, candlelight, aquarium with lobsters and great selection of seafood is gracefully placed on the ice throne. It is a rare idyll of tender lights, soft sofas and a bit of austere aristocratic atmosphere which goes well with famous sea port dish. Bouillabaisse restaurant is an embodiment of a multilevel comfort and luxury, food perfectly complements a romantic dinner or exciting business discussion. Everything is worth trying because fish is very fresh and chef is definitely a master of cooking art. For meat lovers there is a special surprise – old recipe for meat bouillabaisse.

Bill: $$$$$

Service: ****


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