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Restaurant: Il Patio

Address: 40ŕ Udalytsova St.
Metro: Prospekt Vernadskogo
Phone: 974 1772

Average cost: $15-30
Cuisine: Italian
Services: Kids menu

Pizzeria. 10am-midnight.

Il Patio (check average $20), second of the two ‘Rosinter’s’ most successful chains, formerly known as ‘Patio Pizza’ and ‘Patio Pasta’ (open in 1993), was renamed and reinvented in order to create a competitive concept which would be “more Italian and more passionate”. It’s also not just a pizza place anymore, but is positioned as “pizza, pasta, grill” and the marketing people have just launched a new ad campaign to support the menu’s theme and regional stratification. I tasted the Linguine Il Patio (390 rub) – cream sauce pasta with shrimp, scallops and mussels – very popular with the ladies. The staff claim it’s the very spirit of Italy and “Il Patio”, but I keep seeing the same recipe in all Italian and international grill restaurants all over Moscow. The sauce and pasta itself was a success, but I found the shrimp a little bit on the soft side, which indicates that they have been frozen and defrosted before making their way to my plate. That’s Moscow for you – the seafood hell. For a starter I would recommend Insalata di rucola (160 Rub) – the never-fail-to-vitaminize you rocket salad, good palate cleanser. There are also some new promising pizzas on the menu, 25-30 cm in diameter, nicely loaded, for example BBQ (270 rub), Bavarese (230 Rub). Pizzas are cooked in the charcoal stove, which definitely improves the taste. I always found Italian pop/rock music a little cheesy, but I guess you can’t avoid it, if you go to an Italian restaurant.


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