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Restaurant: McDonald’s

Address: 19 Marshala Katukova St.
Metro: Shchukinskaya
Phone: 756 3751

Average cost: to $15
Cuisine: American
Services: Kids menu

Favorite fast food restaurant. Good for a cheap burger. 8am-midnight. Drive-thru 7am-2am.

This is an American classic and enemy of healthy food. There is no point to write in details about McDonald’s since everybody knows its super greasy and fat but terribly delicious at the same time. Ultra-caloric sesame bun with chunk of fried meat called “Big Mac” definitely has an addiction drug hidden inside. Many of Moscow McDonald’s restaurants are designed in modern high tech style. Traditional fast food NOW can go with spicy chicken wings and fresh salads. The last McDonald’s tendency is actually to concentrate on happy healthy meal.

Bill: $

Service: *


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