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The International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods

(Federation Internationale des Confréries Bachiques)

The Federation Internationale des Confreries Bachiques (FICB) is an umbrella organization that was created in 1964 and aims to promote and defend fine wines. The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine is a charter member of the Federation, which now includes more than 100 wine Brotherhoods throughout the world.

In the early 1960s most of the old wine brotherhoods of Europe, who were established for centuries before the French Revolution, were being revised and other brotherhoods were seeking the right to form their own circles. All needed guidelines to bring them into the modern world or they felt they would risk being ridiculed for wearing robes from the past. Even those with the best intentions risked discredit unless they conducted their proceedings with a maximum of decorum. Thus was felt the need for a parent council and International Federation

The objects of the Federation, as laid down in the Articles, are:

  • to make the wine producing regions of the world and the products of their vineyards better known and better appreciated
  • to make consumers aware of the fact that wine has possessive patents of nobility and is a wholesome natural drink whose reason for being has been established since early time
  • to seek, study and develop all appropriate means of undertaking publicity and promotion in order to focus the attention of consumers on wine as an international drink, and to educate consumers on the entire range of wines which nature provides
  • to bring honor and distinction to those who produce wine, those who sell it and those who appreciate it
  • to become acquainted with each brotherhood of the Federation
  • to attract the interest of the general public and make itself newsworthy
  • to give its activities an air of dignity, grandeur and originality so as to best impress upon the public the nobility of each brotherhood’s home products on which its activities are centered

The Federation offices are located in the Wine Museum in Paris, France. This location dates from the middle ages. Just 200 meters from the Eiffel Tower along the right bank of the Seine, in “Water Road” (Rue des Eaux), you will discover the beautiful 14th century cellars miraculously conserved, of the former Passy Abbey. The Minim monks, the “Bonshommes of Passy” had a few acres of vines on top of Chaillot hill (near Rue Vineuse) and kept their renowned wine which was appreciated by Louis XIII in these cellars which house the Museum today.

Mr. Claude Josse is the current President of the Federation, and he invites any and all of our members to visit the Museum when we are in Paris. The address is:

Musée du Vin
Rue des Eaux
5, square Charles Dickens
75016 Paris FRANCE
Tel: 011 45 25 63 26
Fax: 011 40 50 91 22

The Federation holds an annual International Wine Congress in various countries of the world that is hosted by that country’s FICB Brotherhood. Members of the Knights of the Vine may attend upon recommendation of their chapter’s Master Commander. The next Wine Congress will be held in Bergerac, France May 25, 2006.

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